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Fina Biosolutions offers chemical-free moisture analysis performed using the Arizona Instruments Vapor Pro. The technique is applicable to nearly any assay where Karl Fisher is now used. The detection limit is <10 µg allowing samples as low as 1 mg to be tested (<1%).

Samples analyzed include polysaccharides and proteins.


Principle of Operation

The Computrac® Vapor Pro® Moisture Analyzer uses patented, state-of-the-art technology to provide quick, accurate and precise results. The instrument uses a cylindrical sample oven, a dry carrier gas flow system and a moisture sensor. The instrument heats the sample, typically in a reusable 25 mL septum vial, driving off volatiles. The carrier gas transports the volatiles from the sample vial to the sensor block containing a polymer capacitor Relative Humidity (RH) sensor. The RH sensor output, sensor block temperature, and carrier flow readings are combined by a microprocessor to generate an accurate moisture measurement. Test parameters are adjustable to optimize speed and accuracy.

moisture analysis flow chart
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