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Fina Biosolutions’ Specialty Immunoreagents are a collection of reagents mainly of interest to immunologists. These reagents arose out of both our own research and requests from other scientists. Please let us know if there is a reagent you would like us to make.

TNP-Dextran and TNP-Ficoll are classic T-cell independent model antigens. Due to the wide availability of TNP immunoreagents, they serve as useful models of natural T-cell independent antigens like polysaccharides. TNP-OVA and TNP-BSA serve as T-cell dependent model antigens with the trinitrophenyl epitope. The set of TNP reagents also allows for the selection of a suitable ELISA antigen.

Our phosphorylcholine (PC) conjugates are based on the method of Chesbro and Metzger (Biochem, 11:766, 1972) utilizing p-diazonium phenylphosphorylcholine. Phenylarsonate conjugates are made by the method of Amkraut et al.  (J Exp Med, 124:293, 1966.)

In contrast to other commercial heparin conjugates, ours utilize the terminal end of the polymer, resulting in minimum modification of the heparin.

Product Sub Product Size Price Size Price
Trinitrophenol TNP-Bovine Serum Albumin 10 mg $150 50 mg $325
TNP-Ovalbumin 10 mg $150 50 mg $325
TNP-Ficoll(400) 10 mg $150 50 mg $325
TNP-Dextran(T2000) 10 mg $125 50 mg $325
Heparin MonoBiotin-Heparin 1 mg $150 10 mg $450
Heparin-BSA 1 mg $150 10 mg $450
Mono amino Heparin 1 mg $150 10 mg $450
Phosphorylcholine PC-Bovine Serum Albumin 10 mg $250 50 mg $550
PC-Ovalbumin 10 mg $250 50 mg $550
Phenol-Arsonate pARS-Bovine Serum Albumin 10 mg $250 50 mg $550
pARS-Ovalbumin 10 mg $250 50 mg $550
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Specialty Immunoreagents

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