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Dextran Maleimidohexanoate

These products are synthesized using a different chemistry than our other modified dextrans. For these products, the maleimide is attached to the dextran via an ester linkage rather than an ether. Dextran functionalized with maleimido moieties is a very useful “ene” compound for thiol-Michael and radical thiol-ene reaction. 6 and 70 kDa maleimide dextrans are available at 0.2 and 1.2 maleimide/glucose (DS). Other molecular weights are available as custom synthesis.


Dextran maleimidohexanoate Molecular Weight Maleimide/Glucose Size Price Size Price Size Price
MAL-DEX6-0.2 6 kDa 0.2 5 mg $175 25 mg $325 100 mg $725
MAL-DEX6-1.5 6 kDa 1.5 5 mg $200 25 mg $375 100 mg $825
MAL-DEX70-0.2 70 kDa 0.2 5 mg $175 25 mg $325 100 mg $725
MAL-DEX70-1.5 70 kDa 1.5 5 mg $200 25 mg $375 100 mg $825
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High Ratio Maleimide Dextrans

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